Great Britain


Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Innovation

As the sixth-largest global economy and the second-largest in Europe, Great Britain and Northern Ireland have cemented their status as an economic powerhouse. From the northern borders of Scotland to the great valleys of Wales, GB is home to 65 million people, three quarters of whom are aged 20 and over. 

With London's capital at the centre, GB is one of the most multicultural places on Earth, boasting cosmopolitan cities. Moreover, GB has gained a well-deserved reputation for being accommodating to new businesses and cultures. Ultimately, GB has established itself as an entrepreneur-friendly location.

The British economy is robust across multiple sectors, including financial services, advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and digital technical engineering. 

MCS Group in Great Britain 

MCS Group’s recruitment work supports clients and candidates throughout GB, empowering businesses to build and retain great teams across Technology, Accountancy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, HR, and Professional Services. 

By pursuing excellence in every working partnership, we achieve great success for each of our customers in GB. At MCS Group, we strive to achieve positive, long term impacts on the clients we work with and the candidates we place.

Put simply, clients love working with us because we are great at what we do. We seek to add value at every point of the recruiting and hiring process by providing deep expertise in our industry and understanding our markets.

Similarly, candidates choose MCS because we help them reach their potential, focusing on their ambitions and goals. Our honest, forthright, no-nonsense, yet friendly and understanding approach consistently hits the right notes, as demonstrated by our outstanding referral levels.


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